Dayton's Larry Smith manning the Able booth,
prepares film for the finale of "Cinerama Adventure"
  John Mills

Out-of-town Cinerama fans chip in to help handle
capacity crowds. Larry Karstens from Omaha
tears tickets.
  John Mills
The onslaught. Sellout crowds prove that 40-50
year old Cinerama films are still a hot item.
  Martin Hart
As the theatre begins to fill, we find a number of
original Cinerama crewmen in attendance. Jim
Morrison, film editor and assistant director admires
the restored theatre.
  John Fedel
Peeking at the audience from the Able booth.
  Martin Hart
Dave Strohmaier in front of that 96 foot curtain
introducing his work in progress documentary.
  Dan Sherlock
Strohmaier's documentary concludes with exciting
scenes from several Cinerama films.
  Dan Sherlock
A Ferris Wheel from "Cinerama Holiday".
  Dan Sherlock
The tragic Indus raft sequence from
"Search For Paradise"
  Dan Sherlock
More Indus River, one of the most exciting
sequences from the Cinerama archives.
  John Fedel
Strohmaier aptly concludes his three panel
demo with the finale to "This Is Cinerama".
  Dan Sherlock
"How The West Was Won" again thrilled
audiences with John Harvey's 37 year old print
  John Fedel
Cinerama Stalwarts: Larry Smith, former
manager of the Neon Cinerama in Dayton,
John Harvey, "Mr. Cinerama", and "Search for
Paradise" director Otto Lang.
  Martin Hart
Lacking any semblance of dignity, Martin Hart
mugs with John and Otto, who are wisely ignoring
  Larry Smith
Otto Lang poses with a poster restoration created
for this Cinerama event.
  Martin Hart
She had a busy day, but Seattle's restored
Cinerama Theatre served her audiences well.
  John Fedel

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