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Pictureville Cinema in Bradford, U.K.
Celebrated 50th Anniversary of

On Sunday March 17th, 2002, Bradford's WideScreen Weekend served up some irresistible goodies to those able to attend this event in central England. Writer-Director Dave Strohmaier and Producer Randy Gitsch presented the Director's Cut of Cinerama Adventure at the Pictureville National Museum of Photography. Also in attendance was Gregg Kimble, who appears in the documentary and developed the "smilebox" effect for the Cinerama sequences. Strohmaier also introduced some newly reprinted 3-strip clips from Search For Paradise, Cinerama Holiday, and How The West Was Won.

Presented in genuine Cinerama were:
Seven Wonders of the World (pink)
How The West Was Won
This Is Cinerama

Plus 70mm prints of
2001: A Space Odyssey
Patton (Dimension 150)


By Martin Hart,
The American WideScreen Museum

Cinerama Adventure figured prominently in two events in the summer of 2000 at a pair of the nation's most talked about theatres, the beautifully restored Seattle Cinerama and the famed Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Despite being a "work in progress", the rough cuts shown at both theatres thrilled and enthralled audiences. Here we provide a montage of photos taken at these two events. Just click on the theatre of your choice to enter the photo galleries.

Seattle Cinerama

Cinerama Dome

Activity Milestones


Pictureville Cinema, in Bradford England, installs a set of classic Cinerama equipment and screen as a part of the British National Museum of Photography Film and Television. The Cinema is a popular spot for Baby Boomers.


Cinerama expert John Harvey installs his own vintage Cinerama equipment and a special screen at the New Neon Movies in downtown Dayton Ohio. Film fans from around the globe make a pilgrimage to Dayton to see the films again.


David Strohmaier's documentary crew starts shooting interviews with the surviving Cinerama crew members, theater men, and celebrities who worked in the process.


After passionate locals campaign to save it, entrepreneur Paul Allen buys the downtown Seattle Cinerama theatre, and orders a multi-million dollar renovation of the theatre that includes a re-installation of the historic movie process and its special screen.


The newly renovated Seattle Cinerama Theatre reopens. An announcement is made that the Cinerama Dome Theatre in Hollywood is to be preserved and restored to its original glory as the centerpiece of a new entertainment and retail complex. Plans include installing the historic 3 projector Cinerama process for periodic screenings at the Dome.


The Seattle Cinerama Theatre presents real Cinerama for the first time in 38 years. People are turned away from sold-out screenings of This Is Cinerama and How The West Was Won, and a "work-in-progress" preview of David Strohmaier's new documentary Cinerama Adventure is applauded by a capacity audience. In Hollywood, the Cinerama Dome closes for renovation and enhancements.


A new Cinerama screening room is built at Crest film lab in Hollywood for testing new prints of This Is Cinerama, How The West Was Won (and hopefully others). David Strohmaier's Cinerama Adventure, completed to Director's Cut post-production stage, begins private test screenings and is well received at IFP (Independent Feature Project) screening in NYC.


David Strohmaier brings Cinerama Adventure and newly printed 3-strip film clips to screen in the Pictureville Cinema Museum at Bradford, England. The Cinerama Dome reopens in Hollywood with a special 3-strip Cinerama Trailer assembled by Strohmaier, occasionally preceding regular features. The trailer announces that real Cinerama screenings are scheduled to coincide with Cinerama's 50th anniversary in the fall.

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