"Closing" Event

On July 28, 29, & 30, 2000, the Cinerama Dome theatre in Los Angeles held a special celebration. The Dome was closing for renovation until Spring, 2002. To mark the temporary closing of the theatre's doors, three big screen blockbusters were shown to sellout crowds at bargain basement prices. In addition to Terminator 2, Lawrence of Arabia, both in 70mm, and Ben-Hur, in a new 35mm Panavision Dolby Stereo print, Dave Strohmaier's Cinerama Adventure was featured in a ten minute version specially edited and transferred to 35mm film for the event. As a special treat, Dave and Cinerama's John Sittig put together a short but rousing epilogue to the documentary which they "borrowed" from a somewhat faded 70mm print of This Is Cinerama. Despite its name, the Cinerama Dome has never shown true three-projector Cinerama, but that's slated to change when the landmark theatre reopens its doors.

Click Here to view a montage of photos taken during the three day ceremonies. If you missed the fun then these pictures may convince you to give yourself a good hard kick in the butt.

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