"Closing" Event
Photo Gallery

Pictures from one of three days of enjoyment provided by Pacific Theatres and Cinerama, Inc.
Thanks to John Fedel and Tim Fedel for providing the most of the photos seen here.

John Sittig explains the plans that Pacific Theatres
has for the Dome and introduces a short documentary
on its construction.

  John Fedel

Audiences enjoy the black&white newsreel footage
of the Dome being built. Featured in the short film are
"Mad World" producer/director Stanley Kramer
and many of the film's cast.
  John Fedel

Following the Dome newsreel footage, Dave
Strohmaier introduces the dramatic highlights from
his documentary, Cinerama Adventure.
 John Fedel

The documentary concludes with a surprise.
Audiences are treated to a specially prepared
compilation of highlights from This Is Cinerama.

  John Fedel

On hand to annoy or inform film fans are diehard
Cinerama nuts. Left to right: John Sittig, Cinerama director
for Pacific Theatres; Matt Lutthans, Cinerama advocate
from Seattle, WA; Martin Hart, of the WideScreen
Museum from Houston, TX; Frank Dubiel, of Fall River,
MA, and Cinerama's Gunther Jung.
  Frank Dubiel

Before, between, and after shows there's time to lurk
in the bowels of the Cinerama Dome. Matt, Dave, Frank,
and the photographer examined every nook and cranny of
the building, unearthing old equipment and engineering

  Martin Hart

Dave Strohmaier fills the lobby and display cases with old Cinerama memorabilia.

  John Fedel

John Sittig and the Cinerama folks display Cinerama camera #3 and a vintage Cinerama projector, (with a non-vintage Xenon lamp house).

  John Fedel

Producer/Writer/Director and bon vivant Dave Strohmaier alongside a poster for Cinerama Adventure.

  Tim Fedel

Charlton Heston and Dave Strohmaier. Proceeds from the
weekend's screenings were donated to charity, and for the
Saturday evening performance of Ben-Hur, the Prince of
Hur himself was on hand to sign autographs and meet the
  John Fedel

Charlton Heston signs autographs for a seemingly endless
line of fans before the evening performance of Ben-Hur. Despite their obnoxious personalities, John Fedel, left, and Tim Fedel, right, can't seem to ruffle Mr. Heston.
  Tim Fedel & John Fedel

John Sittig introduces Charlton Heston to the audience, who seemed to recognize him without much trouble.
  John Fedel

Nobody took any pictures, too busy watching the epic unfold.
  © Time-Warner

The film ends with a standing ovation and Charlton Heston says goodnight to the audience.
  John Fedel

The show's over. Tomorrow night, Lawrence of Arabia!

  John Fedel

Hey, It's time to go home! Die hards hang around the parking lot and talk about movies and the moom pitcher bidniss.
  John Fedel

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